As our valued client, we would like to make a simple request. Please complete a home inventory. It’s a project that isn’t on top of most to-do lists, but it will provide untold peace of mind if you should ever need to file an insurance claim on your homeowners or renters insurance policies.

It is quite easy to document your belongings. Simply take photographs or shoot video of the rooms in your house. Don’t forget the garage or other buildings on your property. Remember valuable items such as clothes, shoes, boots and outwear too. Compile a quick list of jewelry, appliances, electronic equipment, and other items you acquire over time and may not consider because it’s “part of the furniture.” Let that serve as a reminder to write down all your furniture too!

There are many resources online to document your belongings. One website we have found is Know Your Stuff. You can track your possessions there or find another site that works for you. You may find an app that works for you using your tablet or mobile device. We will be happy to keep a copy of your home inventory in your file at Shattuck & Grummett offices in Juneau. You may also keep a copy of the disk or paperwork in another safe place, such as a safe deposit box.

We understand you may not think about your home insurance policy every time you acquire guns, valuable jewelry or musical instrument. One of the reasons we like to conduct a regular insurance review is to find out what new possessions you have recently acquired and advise you whether those items will be covered by your existing policies. We can help you add scheduled property to your policy, if necessary, to ensure that you have the protection you need.

Our top priority is protecting you from unforeseen situations. That is why clients have trusted us with their insurance needs for more than a century. We take time to help you understand your coverage, encourage you to read your policies and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact our independent agents in Juneau to talk about your home inventory or other concerns you may have.

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