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Car insurance policy options are virtually limitless; choosing the coverage plan that both provides the maximum protection and fits your budget can be difficult. When selecting a policy, it is important to be sure that the coverage not only exceeds state minimums, but also protects your financial well-being from the most serious of accidents or losses. Finding coverage that fits into your budget is also incredibly important.

At Shattuck & Grummett Insurance, we believe you should have all of the answers and information you need to make strong insurance decisions. We’ve spent decades gathering quotes for car insurance for Juneau, AK, area residents, and have the knowledge and skills needed to help you ensure that any policy you choose provides strong protection for your car and your finances.

We work to help you find answers to key questions:

  • Does the quoted policy really provide beneficial protection?
  • Are the bodily injury limits high enough to cover a serious injury?
  • Does the coverage provide protection against an uninsured motorist?
  • Will the policy cover windshield replacement or a rental vehicle if necessary?
  • Can I be certain that I am covered against all potential situations? What about my family? Other drivers?
  • I am a good driver. Are there money-saving discounts that I am eligible for? What if I insure my home through the same company?

By answering all of your unique questions, we work to provide you with the information you need to make the best coverage decisions possible.

Get Quotes from Progressive, Allstate, Umialik and Safeco with One Simple Call

Since 1898, our firm has been working with some of the nation’s largest car insurance providers, allowing us to help you compare quotes for available policies quickly and easily. By speaking with one of our helpful staff members, you can begin comparing quotes from the likes of Progressive, Allstate and Safeco, among many others. This allows you to choose the policy that fits your specific coverage needs and budget.

We will take the time to explain each detail of the provided quotes, all in an effort to help you understand which policy is best for you. After all, we firmly believe that education and information are the most important tools you can have when searching for coverage.

Request a quote online or call 907-586-2414 to begin comparing available policies and rates. For answers to specific questions or to have a member of our staff call you, contact our Juneau car insurance agency online

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