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Insurance companies offer a lot of discounts these days, giving just about everyone ample opportunity to save some money on their insurance premiums. It is no secret that insurance companies want your business, and the more of it the better. For this reason, the multi-policy discount is usually the most significant discount an insurance company will offer.

You can get a multi-policy discount by bundling your home, car, boat, motorcycle and even other types of insurance policies with one carrier. In most cases, this is a win-win; the insurance company gets to provide a comprehensive insurance package for you, and you receive significant savings that you would not if you had your polices with multiple carriers.

And the amount of the multi-policy discount is usually nothing to sneeze at—it can range from 5 – 25% off of the cost of your insurance premiums, depending on the insurance company. Some insurance companies offer a pre-determined discount depending on the number and type of policies you have, while others will evaluate each case on its own.

Bundling your policies also provides the convenience of a single bill and easier claims service if you need it.

Regardless of the discount, remember that the most important consideration is that your coverage is appropriate for your needs. Since multi-policy discounts are offered by most carriers, you need to make sure you evaluate the carrier and the coverage on their merits, choose the best fit for you, and then make every attempt to place all of your discount-eligible policies with the same carrier in order to maximize your savings.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  We as your independent agent can help! We will evaluate your situation, find the best coverage options, and help you determine which carrier provides the best combination of coverage, service and savings for your needs.

Are you getting all of the discounts you are eligible for?

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