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Owning a home in the beautiful Juneau area can be a very rewarding, yet challenging, experience. The process of choosing home insurance for Juneau area properties presents a unique set of challenges: you need to know that any policy or coverage plan you purchase provides strong protection for the property you’ve worked so hard to obtain and build. At Shattuck & Grummett Insurance, we believe that when choosing a homeowners insurance plan, you should:

  • Cover your home and your belongings: Choosing a homeowners coverage plan that provides protection for both the physical structure of your home and the personal belonging inside of is key to obtaining comprehensive protection for all of your assets.
  • Address all of your personal property: Many homeowners policies offer protection for your belongings; however, some assets, including classic cars, art, antiques, collectables, handguns and high value jewelry may not be covered under a standard policy. Understanding the limits of your personal property protection is key to ensuring that your most treasured valuables are addressed.
  • Understand the unique challenges Alaska can present: The Alaskan frontier is one that presents many challenges to homeowners – challenges that property owners in other parts of the country do not face. Adding AK earthquake, landslide insurance and flood coverage to your policy can be extremely important to protecting your home and property against any potential danger.
  • Explore an umbrella policy: Adding an umbrella policy to your coverage plan can be helpful in protecting against financial damage stemming from lawsuits relating to injuries to visitors and families members that occur on your property. An umbrella policy can also offer protection in the event that you are responsible for an accident, even those on the road. In many cases, umbrella policies offer protection over and above any home and auto policies that are in place
  • Understand the nuances of insuring a second home: Many homes in the Juneau area serve as their owners’ vacation property. If you own a seasonal home in Alaska, you should understand the unique details associated with vacation home policies and coverage.
  • Inquire about money-saving discounts: Bundling your home policy with umbrella coverage or other personal lines of coverage, including car insurance, can be a great way to obtain discounted rates. Be sure to explore all available discounts for which you may be eligible.

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