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Purchasing life or health insurance for your employees while also keeping costs low can be a challenge in the best of times; in today’s troubling economy, health insurance premiums have become overwhelming for even the most established businesses. Fortunately, many options are available to business owners seeking group health coverage for themselves and their employees.

At Shattuck & Grummett Insurance, we know how important it is for your employees to be covered by a major medical plan. After all, even the smallest of accidents can lead to injuries that cost thousands of dollars in medical care. For more than 100 years, we have been helping business owners in the Juneau area compare Alaska group health plan quotes and choose coverage that provides the maximum financial protection against the burdens of medical bills and routine care costs.

Juneau Group Life and Benefits Services

Our experienced staff offers unbiased advice on a wide range of life and health insurance plans:

  • Health Coverage: A group health plan offers financial assistance for insured individuals who require medical care, whether routine or reactive. Health plans vary widely from provider to provider and tier to tier, making it important for you to understand the benefits each program offers before making your final purchase.
  • Life Insurance: Your employees probably have a lot of responsibilities outside of the workplace, with caring for their families chiefly among them. Adding a group life insurance policy is a viable strategy for helping protect their families’ financial standing throughout any contingency, including the loss of a major wage earner.
  • Disability Insurance: Providing disability income insurance options shows you understand how vital your workforce is to the success of your organization. We can assist you with long-term disability and short-term disability insurance plans.
  • Vision and Dental: Many standard group health plans do not offer coverage for dental and vision expenses. Adding a group dental or vision plan to your benefits package can help your employees receive the comprehensive care they deserve. In many cases, dental and vision plans are highly affordable and provide strong value for your employees.

You may be looking for additional insurance solutions to protect your employees and your organization. Because we represent many reputable insurance companies, we can create an affordable coverage package that includes things such as travel accident insurance and business accident insurance. We will consult with you on the options that are right for you.

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While it is important that any package you choose offer strong benefits to you and your employees, it is also important to keep rates manageable. Our experience and work within the group health insurance industry allow us to help you compare quotes from multiple providers and choose the plans that fit your needs and your budget.

Request a quote online or call 907-586-2414 to begin comparing available Alaska group health plan quotes today. Contact our Juneau agency to learn more about group health and benefits services.

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