The summer months offered many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Juneau area. Whether you were able to ride your motorcycle, take your classic car for a spin or embark on a road trip in your RV or a boat cruise, Alaska certainly provides a unique environment to appreciate. Now the summer months have faded away, and the cold Alaskan weather will be here in no time. While fall is just beginning, you may want to start thinking about how to winterize your summer toys and may wish to explore the option of pausing your insurance coverage, or reducing the amount of coverage you carry in an effort to save money. After all, the more money you save during the winter months, the more you can spend on your bike, your car or your vacation.

Tips for Winterizing your Toys

A lot goes into making sure your summer equipment will last through winter and will be in good working condition for next summer. Here are a couple winter storage tips to making sure you avoid costly repairs due to the damaging results of winter:

  • Motorcycle: Prior to storage change the oil and make sure to lubricate moving parts (cables, etc.). Removing the battery before putting it in storage may also be a good idea to prevent it from freezing. You’ll also want to cover your bike with a good breathable cover to keep dust off of it.
  • RV: Prevent water from freezing by draining the water system, evacuate the remaining water with compressed air and pump RV antifreeze through the system.
  • Classic Car: Place your vehicle on jack stands to avoid flat tires caused by cold weather. Also be sure there aren’t any personal items that may freeze or burst if left in the car. To stop rodents from coming into engine compartments, use a rodent repellent under the hood, and then remember to remove it before starting up the car again.
  • Boat: Run non-toxic antifreeze through air conditioning pumps, sumps pumps, fish wells and bilge pumps. Clean out interior and remove any items, including fire extinguishers and flares. Then clean and check these items to be sure they are in working order and so they can be used again next year.

Explore the Cost-Saving Benefits of Freezing Your Coverage

During the winter months, the temperatures often reach well below freezing. Take a tip from mother nature and explore the option of freezing your insurance coverage on vehicles that are stored for the winter.

In the offseason, you have several options to save on your premiums, including:

  • Freezing your policy: Pausing, or freezing, your coverage during the winter months can be a great way to cut costs, especially for vehicles that are securely stored throughout the offseason. By speaking to your agent, you can easily freeze your coverage until the summer rolls around, and you can get back to enjoying your toys.
  • Reducing your coverage: If you store your motorcycle, RV, classic car or boat for the winter, you may consider reducing the amount of coverage you carry. Cutting some policy options may reduce costs, while keeping you covered against theft or other unexpected damage to your stored vehicle.

Know Your Options

Knowing the options you have for reducing your coverage is important. At Shattuck & Grummett, we are happy to help you explore your money-saving options. Your agent will conduct a careful review of your coverage plan and offer advice on your options for freezing or reducing your coverage.

Do you carry full coverage on your power sports equipment through the winter months? Have you ever considered freezing your coverage to save money? The option may be available — you simply need to speak to your agent.

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