The summer months offer many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Juneau area. Whether your preferred method of enjoyment is riding your motorcycle, taking your classic car for a spin or embarking on a road trip in your RV, Alaska certainly provides a unique environment to appreciate.

During these summer months, it is important to carry the proper coverage for your toys to avoid unnecessary costs stemming from an accident. Be sure your classic car is properly valued, your liability covers your assets, and your RV insurance includes awnings, interior furnishings and vandalism.

Explore the Cost-Saving Benefits of Freezing Your Coverage

Once the summer months fade, however, you may be able to pause or reduce your insurance coverage, saving on lower premiums during the off season. After all, the more money you save during the winter months, the more you can spend on your bike, your car or your vacation. During the winter months, take a tip from mother nature and explore the option of freezing your insurance coverage on vehicles that are stored for the winter.

There are two main options:

• Freezing your policy: Pausing, or freezing, your coverage during the winter months can be a great way to cut costs, especially for vehicles that are securely stored throughout the offseason. By speaking to your agent, you can easily freeze your coverage until the summer rolls around, when you can get back to enjoying your toys.

• Reducing your coverage: If you store your motorcycle, RV, classic car or boat for the winter, you may consider reducing the amount of coverage you carry. Cutting some policy options may reduce costs while keeping you covered against theft or other unexpected damage to your stored vehicle.

Know Your Options

Knowing the options you have for reducing your coverage is important. At Shattuck & Grummett, we are happy to help you explore your money-saving options. Your agent will conduct a careful review of your coverage plan and offer advice on your options for freezing or reducing your coverage.

Have you evaluated your recreational vehicle insurance since last season? Do you carry full coverage on your power sports equipment through the winter months? Are there any hazards specific to Alaska that you’d like more information on?

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