With television commercials and online ads promising to save you hundreds of dollars on insurance, it’s tempting to question your existing policies. In all our years helping people in Alaska and throughout the Northwest, we have come to understand that the question is not, are you paying too much for insurance? The question is, do the insurance discounts being promised mean that you will be covered by your insurance policy when you need it most?

Let’s take a basic car insurance policy as an example. To qualify for the cheap insurance premiums, you may have the bare minimum of liability insurance coverage required in Alaska or other state in the Northwest. Also, you may have been talked into dropping comprehensive and collision insurance from your auto policy to save a few bucks on your premiums. But when your truck is stolen, your teen driver hits a deer or your car falls through the ice, you may wish you had retained that protection. It’s the optional coverage on your policy that would pay in those situations and many others circumstances.

As your independent agent, we will explain those details. We will discuss policy limits on whatever policies you may have and help you understand how premiums are calculated. We will answer the phone when you need advice about an insurance claim.

We will encourage you to read your policy. Certain property, such as jewelry, and certain perils, such as earthquake or flood, is better insured separately. Knowing what is covered and for how much will help you insure properly. We will help you understand the insurance jargon.

You don’t have to work with the independent agents at Shattuck & Grummett very long before you realize we are here to help. We offer you choices, we provide information, we explain what may be missing from your policy, we help you determine if you have enough insurance.

At each annual renewal of your policy, you receive a new policy declarations page showing limits of coverage and optional coverage. We take this opportunity to discuss with you any changes that may have occurred during the year. If you do any significant remodeling or add a family room, extra bedroom or bathroom, etc., tell us about these changes so your coverage limits can be adjusted to cover the improvement.

Regarding your home insurance policy, does it automatically increase coverage limits annually to keep pace with inflation? Does it provide additional funds if the cost of rebuilding your home exceeds the policy limits? Contact Shattuck & Grummettwith questions like this and any others you may have. We are here for you.

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