While offering employee benefits is optional for many employers, the impact that they can have on a workforce is immense. Employee benefits like group health and life insurance serve a critical purpose for many employees. For this reason, businesses of all sizes need to carefully consider whether or not to offer them.

Group health insurance traditionally tops the list of benefits that employees desire. Now, as the Affordable Care Act has cloaked the future of health insurance in uncertainty, employees are even more concerned about health insurance as an integral part of their compensation plan. In fact, some employees may even be inclined to take a job with better health benefits in lieu of a higher salary. Employers must continue to realize that offering a quality, affordable group health plan is still one of the best ways to attract and retain quality employees and stay competitive.

The positive impact of offering employee benefits tends to far outweigh the costs. Employee benefits in general are linked to a decrease in employee absenteeism and improved morale. Other advantages for employers include:

  • Employers receive tax breaks for their contribution to group health insurance premiums.
  • Employers get better rates for group health insurance because of the group purchasing power they can yield.
  • Group health plans can help you encourage wellness and healthy living among your workforce.

We can help you understand what is required of you under the ACA. We will investigate a variety of plan types—HMO, PPO, POS and others—from several different carriers, allowing us to find the rights plan for your needs.

Group life insurance is beneficial for employees because they can obtain better coverage for a better price than perhaps they could on their own. Offering group life insurance further demonstrates employer commitment to health, happy employees.

Other employee benefits that are equally positive for employees include dental insurance, vision plans, short- and long-term disability insurance, wellness programs and more. We can answer all of your questions about group health and life insurance as well as many other types of employee benefits plans. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive program that will please your employees and help you meet your objectives for a loyal, healthy workforce.

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