In our unpredictable world, accidents happen, no matter your income, your age or your line of work. Truly preparing yourself and your family for the unexpected can be a challenge – with the proper planning, and a comprehensive insurance plan, you can avoid the financial costs of these unforeseen events.

What if my insurance plan isn’t enough?

No amount of planning can ever truly eliminate the risk of an accident. However, many accidents or losses fall well within the coverage of a standard homeowners or car insurance policy. Unfortunately, some of these events can lead to excessive costs that may exceed your coverage, or may not be covered at all.

Adding an umbrella policy to your coverage plan can help to cover any costs that exceed your home or car insurance coverage, leaving you protected and free of hefty out-of-pocket responsibility. Umbrella policies are invaluable in car accident cases that result in significant injury to another party, or in situations involving upgrades to your home or the loss of valuable property that is not covered by your standard home policy.

How do I know if umbrella coverage is right for me?

Umbrella coverage is a great addition to almost everyone’s coverage plan. The protection offered by an umbrella policy can help people in a wide range of situations, including:

• Families with high income or valuable assets
• Homeowners
• Renters
• Business owners
• Parents of young drivers

In virtually any situation, adding protection to your coverage plan is a good idea. After all, you can never be too careful when protecting your family’s well-being.

Umbrella policies sound expensive. Can I afford one?

The added protection of an umbrella policy may certainly sound expensive, but the truth is that many people can add an umbrella policy to their coverage plan for less than 50 dollars – A YEAR. For this minimal investment, you can obtain an additional coverage option that offers more than 1 million dollars in coverage.

Have you ever considered added an umbrella policy to your coverage plan? If not, it might be time that you did. Speak to your agent about the benefits and costs of an umbrella policy – you might be pleasantly surprised at the peace of mind you gain, and the affordability of it all.

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