According to a report from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the state experienced a rise in wildland fires for the second straight year in 2010. More than 3,100 total fires were reported in the state in 2010, including those classified as wildfires, structure fires and vehicle fires. That’s up from fewer than 2500 total fires in 2008.

According to the same report, these fires resulted in 33,738,390 dollars’ worth of damage. Structure fires accounted for 30,942,848 dollars’ worth of damage.

These statistics, combined with the continued rise in wildland fires, makes it important to protect your home against damage caused by fires and other events.

Ask the important home insurance questions.

We all want to believe that our homes will never be in placed in the path of a fire. Unfortunately, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise, our homes are in danger every day; a stray cinder from a campfire, a careless hiker or a negligent smoker can lead to a serious fire that can put our towns in danger.

With that in mind, it is important to be sure that your home insurance policy offers the best possible protection for your home. Asking key questions of your agent can help you gain some peace of mind during fire season, at least in knowing that your financial well-being won’t go up in flames if your home does.

Helpful questions can include:

• Does my policy offer enough coverage to protect my entire home?
• Are my personal belongings covered?
• If a fire claims or damages my home, where will my family live?

Our agents are happy to discuss your home insurance coverage whenever you wish. In fact, we suggest reviewing your policy on a yearly basis, especially if you have recently built a new home, renovated your existing home or erected outlying structure like a shed or barn on your property.

Have you discussed your home insurance policy with your agent lately? What were some helpful questions you asked to gain an understanding of your coverage and your protection requirements?

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