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When Shattuck & Grummett’s history began in Juneau, the town was little more than a frontier mining camp. On January 1st of 1898, when Henry Shattuck and E.F. Cassell established an insurance agency, the oldest insurance agency operating in Alaska today, was born. By 1900, Henry’s brother Allen, who had come to Juneau with him in 1897, joined him in the insurance agency, now called Shattuck & Company. Allen’s son, Curtis, joined the Shattuck Agency in 1930.

The history of the Grummett Insurance Agency begin in 1945, when Stan Grummett purchased the Juneau Insurance Agency from the Frank Burns Company, who had been operating since 1932. Following a stroke in 1954 that left Stan Grummett partially disabled, Grace Grummett stepped in to learn insurance and successfully continue the business.

The 1960s brought new blood to the agencies. Allen and Roger Shattuck joined their father, Curtis, and Mike and Roger Grummett joined their mother, Grace, in the operation of these competing agencies. The corporation, Shattuck & Grummett, Inc., was formed in 1971 when these two long-time competitors merged. Four of the five employees of Grummett Insurance Agency moved to the new company. One of them was Nancy Wentzel Burns, who, after graduation from Juneau Douglas High school, attended Fullerton Junior College and began her career with the Grummett Insurance Agency on March 1, 1959. On January 1, 1976, Nancy became a stockholder and was elected to the Board of Directors of Shattuck & Grummett, Inc. Prior to that time she had become office manager for the firm and was responsible for keeping the day to day operations functioning. Nancy retired after 39 years of service in February 1998. She passed away in January of 2006. Howard “Bud” Jaeger joined the firm in 1984 as partner and manager of the newly opened Mendenhall Valley branch office.

The 1990s was another time of change for the agency, with a new generation of offspring and partners beginning their careers with the agency. Rick Shattuck, John Grummett, Stacy Grummett, and Teresa Young all became partners, while Mike and Roger Grummett retired. The following decade brought more retirements (Roger Shattuck, Allen Shattuck, Howard Jaeger), as the new generation stepped into the leading roles in the agency.  In 2008, the agency was purchased by Teresa Young, Rick Shattuck, Stacy Grummett, and John Grummett.

Shattuck & Grummett Insurance now employs a large local staff and is licensed in seven states. We are proud of our long history of providing outstanding service to our neighbors.

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